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App update: a new design for Gearset

Ellis Toms on March 29th 2018

As Gearset has continuously evolved, it’s become increasingly difficult to display all the app’s new release management features. So to make it easier for our users to navigate around the Gearset app, the navigation bar and menu have been given a fresh, new design! The new menu design will not only help our customers navigate between pages more quickly but will also make it easier to see all of the features Gearset has to offer.

Finding your way around

Navigating your way around Gearset has changed a little (but don’t worry - all the features still remain). When you first sign in to Gearset, you’ll still land on the Compare and deploy page for metadata deployments.

After logging in you'll be taken to the compare and deploy page

You’ll notice that to the left-hand side, the app’s full menu is automatically expanded for you. This menu provides an access point for all of the pages within the app, organised in sections by feature category such as Metadata deployments or Automated jobs. You can use this menu to navigate between individual feature pages within the app.

Taking Metadata deployments as an example, on the left-hand menu, you’ll be able to navigate between all of the pages specific to metadata deployments.

Navigate between different pages within a section

Once you're within a section, the navigation bar at the top of the screen allows you to quickly navigate between pages in the same section, without opening the full navigation menu. For example, if you’re on the Compare and deploy page, you can quickly jump to your deployment history or comparison history, without going through the full menu.

Use the navigation bar to quickly jump between pages in the same section

At any point, to access the full left-hand side menu, simply click the hamburger icon next to the section title to expand the menu out.

Click on the hamburger icon to expand the full menu

Let us know what you think

With the new menu design, it's even easier and faster to navigate between all of the release management features Gearset has to offer, and spot when new features are added. As always, if you have any thoughts over the new menu design or any questions in general about Gearset, please get in touch at [email protected] or via our live in-app chat.

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