Easily manage your Salesforce deployment process with named orgs

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We’re rolling out another usability enhancement this week, as outlined on the roadmap for this quarter: you can now add your own friendly names to your saved Salesforce orgs.

New manage organizations page

If you’re constantly fumbling over similar Salesforce usernames (we certainly are), we think this is a great feature to improve your experience with Gearset Deploy.

To add a friendly name to one of your saved orgs, go to the Manage organizations page. Simply click the + Add button corresponding to one of your orgs. A dialog box will appear where you can enter and save your new friendly name:

Add friendly name dialog

If you ever need to delete the friendly name, just hover over the row containing it, and a delete button will appear next to the friendly name:

Delete button

Once you’ve added friendly names to your orgs, they’ll be displayed in Gearset Deploy alongside the associated Salesforce username:

Comparison screen

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