Webinar recording: How to back up your Salesforce data with Gearset

Ellie Dyer-Brown on

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We all know that accidents can happen, and that the cost of data loss can be huge.
That’s why, in our most recent webinar, we explained how to back up Salesforce in a few simple steps with Gearset.

Before getting into the ‘how’ of data backups, we began with one of the most important questions: why bother at all? DevOps is about more than just streamlining your workflow; it’s about security, too. And with Salesforce retiring its data recovery service on July 31st this year, having a reliable backup strategy is more important than ever. From a loss of customer confidence to the impact of downtime on your business’ ability to function, we explored all of the reasons why backing up data is critical for security and success.

Next, we explained what you need from a backup solution: automated and on-demand backups, effortless analysis, enterprise-grade security, and smart restoration. We demonstrated how Gearset offers all of these things in one easy-to-access place, so you can have confidence in your ability to restore any lost data, all of the time.

If you missed it the first time around, catch up now and find out how you can back up and restore your Salesforce data with a few small clicks.

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