Deploy your data to Salesforce DX scratch orgs

Deploy your data to Salesforce DX scratch orgs

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Gearset’s integration with Salesforce DX (SFDX) scratch orgs empowers devs and admins alike to harness the power of DX, without the command line. With Gearset it’s easy to create new scratch orgs, deploy your metadata to build the org structure, and then populate them with data as part of an Agile release process.

Enabling and connecting a Dev Hub

To create scratch orgs, you first need to enable and connect a Dev Hub org, which acts as a “master org” that controls all of the scratch orgs. From the Dev Hub you can create and delete scratch orgs, which will all be linked to the Dev Hub until they expire. For a step-by-step guide on enabling and connecting a Dev Hub org, take a look at our support guide.

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Setting up SFDX scratch orgs for data deployments

Once you’ve connected your Dev Hub, you’re ready to start creating scratch orgs and migrating your Salesforce data.

  • Navigate to the Deploy data page (which can also be accessed via the left-hand column on the Compare and Deploy screen).
  • Select SFDX scratch org as either your source or target for your data deployment. You’ll be able to see your connected Dev Hub, from which you can create scratch orgs.
Select SFDX scratch org as either your source or target
Create a new scratch org
  • Click Create new scratch org, give it a friendly name and choose what type of org it is. This usually takes less than 30 seconds but it can take a bit longer depending on the speed of Salesforce.
Give your new scratch org a name and choose what type of org it is
  • Once you’ve created a scratch org, you’ll also be able to log in to that org with just one click — no passwords necessary.
After you've created your new scratch org you can follow the usual deployment workflow

You’re now all set to follow the usual Gearset workflow and start configuring easy data deployments to your scratch orgs. With a customizable test data set, automatic relationship handling and control over field mapping and upserting, Gearset makes it easy to execute complex data deployments. All you have to do is pick the records you want to deploy and Gearset will handle the rest.

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While Salesforce DX is primarily aimed at developers, Gearset enables a mature release management process that works for everyone. Built on the “clicks-not-code” philosophy, Gearset makes it ingeniously simple to migrate your data across Salesforce environments.

If you want to see how you could benefit from quick data deployments to your Salesforce orgs or brand new SFDX scratch orgs, start your free 30-day trial today. With no credit card information required and nothing to install in your orgs, you could be spinning up scratch orgs and configuring test data sets in minutes.

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