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When we first launched our Salesforce data loader, you could migrate records between Salesforce environments for testing purposes only. We didn’t allow you to deploy data to production orgs so as to help you avoid overwriting your production data by mistake. This being said, as a Salesforce admin there are a number of cases where you’ll need to deploy data to your production orgs, like when you’re implementing Salesforce CPQ.

To help our customers in these use cases, we’ve now added the ability to deploy data to your production environments. But to help you avoid mistakes and ensure you deploy cautiously, we’ve added additional warnings as there is no deployment rollback for data deployments - we won’t be able to recover any data lost!

We still want to help you avoid mistakes, so there’s lots of warnings! If the deployment fails, Gearset won’t be able to recover any of your data.

How to deploy data to a production org

To enable data deployments to production orgs, a Gearset team owner will need to switch on this option in the account settings.

Enabling data deployment to production orgs

After enabling the setting, your team will be able to choose a production org as the target of a data deployment.

A production org can be the target of a data deployment

If the target for your deployment is a production org, we’ll show a banner at each stage of the deployment.

A banner reminds you that the deployment is to a production org

Finally, as an extra precaution, you’ll need to type out written confirmation that you want to deploy to production - reminding your team members where you’re deploying to and to make sure you have a backup of your data!

Type to confirm deployment to a production org


You’ll be able to enable or disable data deployments to production at any time by toggling the switch in the account settings. If you’re worried about potential mistakes, try disabling the setting when you’re not using it to avoid any accidents.

Got any suggestions?

Like always, we value what our users think, and we strive to keep evolving our product based on what our customers want. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can improve our data loader (or any other Gearset feature), you can add or vote for suggestions in our UserVoice forum. Alternatively you can chat to a team member via [email protected] or the live chat, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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