Save draft deployments and collaboratively build releases with your team

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With Gearset, comparing orgs and creating deployment packages has never been easier. But sometimes you don’t have all the changes you want to deploy ready just yet, or you want to get input from a colleague on what to include in the release. That’s where the new draft deployments come in.

Save as you go

With draft deployments, you can begin adding components to your deployment package, save your progress, and return to it at a later date. Drafts can be updated multiple times until you’ve added everything you want. You can even refresh your comparison to change your metadata filter part-way through.

Once you’ve got all the components you want, proceed with the deployment as usual to release your changes.

Build deployments, collaboratively

Team members can use draft deployments to collaboratively build deployment packages. Once you’ve made your changes, simply save your draft.

Team members share draft deployments, so one of your team can then jump in and add their own components. When the package is complete and everyone’s work has been included, you can validate the package and deploy the release, or schedule it for automatic deployment at a later time.

Let’s look at how it all works.

How to save a draft deployment

  1. Run a comparison between two orgs
  2. Once you’ve selected some objects, click Save draft deployment
  3. Your selections and the comparison result will be saved to your Draft Deployment history (in the Deployments tab)
Save a draft deployment

How to edit a saved draft deployment

  1. Go to your Draft Deployment history (in the Deployments tab)
  2. Click View draft
  3. Continue building your deployment
  4. To update your draft, click Save draft deployment
View and edit a draft deployment

How to collaborate on a team member’s draft deployment

  1. Go to you Draft Deployment history
  2. You’ll be able to see the drafts for anyone in your team, who created the draft, and who made the last edit. Click View draft to begin editing
  3. When you’re done editing, click Save draft deployment to save your changes

Note: while all team members can edit a draft deployment, only the person who created it can deploy it (unless they’ve been given delegated access).

Draft deployments are available for all our users. If you’ve not used Gearset before, and want to try it for yourself, start a 30-day free trial today to see how much simpler it will make your deployments.

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