Webinar: How to back up your Salesforce data with Gearset

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Catch up on this webinar with Jack Weatherly, Sales Director EMEA at Gearset, to find out how backing up your Salesforce data works, and how easy it can be to restore your Salesforce data with Gearset. Jack talks about:

- The fundamentals of Salesforce data backup

- Who needs data backup?

- And setting up Salesforce data backup for yourself.

Protect your critical business and customer data with a reliable backup solution like Gearset.

Learn more:

How to restore Salesforce data from backups: https://gearset.com/blog/how-to-restore-salesforce-data-from-backups/

Salesforce backups ebook: https://gearset.com/resources/backup-book/

Why Salesforce backup and restore tools belong with DevOps: https://gearset.com./blog/why-salesforce-backup-and-restore-tools-belong-with-devops/