022 — Laurel Jones (Sr Prod Manager, Amazon): "I've wasted a year of my life deploying change sets"

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Laurel Jones is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon. Working for the Amazon Air team, Laurel is blazing trails for women in a male-dominated field. Laurel operates in the heart of the technology that is critical to Amazon’s success. Tune in to find out how Laurel is pioneering women in technology initiatives, and the pillars for their success!

In this episode Laurel chats to Jack about her experience as a Gearset DevOps Leader. Laurel shares how she has developed Salesforce skills from scratch, how she’s flourished in her career with a DevOps mindset, and how that’s allowed her to bring success to each of her customers as a consultant, as well as for end-clients.

We get technical in this episode, too. Laurel dives into the nuances of working backwards from the end result to figure out what time and resources are needed across projects. She shares her experience and advice for working with Digital Experiences (aka Communities), and how design thinking can foster wonderful results.

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