Meet the new Gearset DevOps Leaders

Meet the new Gearset DevOps Leaders

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The Gearset DevOps Leaders Program is a brand new initiative for a group of passionate advocates committed to shaping the future of DevOps on the Salesforce platform. Their mission is to continue to educate and champion for DevOps best practices on Salesforce and inspire release teams to build better. This program lays out a framework enabling the DevOps Leaders to achieve more with the support of each other and Gearset.

The Gearset DevOps Leaders 2023

The first group of Gearset DevOps Leaders have been selected! As pillars of the ecosystem, this group of experts have each made an impact in the Salesforce community and have a unique story to tell.

  • Blanca Leon-Carter, DevOps Architect at Slalom / VP of Community Engagement at RAD Women
  • EJ Sherman, Senior Consultant at Coastal Cloud
  • Eric Kintzer, SFDC System Architect at Helix
  • Jeb Garrott, Platform Solutions Manager at Morgan & Morgan PLLC
  • Laurel Jones, Sr. Product Manager - Tech at Amazon
  • Matias Colombo, Platform Architect at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Michael Halliwell, Salesforce Manager at Steward Health Care
  • Monica Thornton Hill, Senior Technical Consultant at Fusion Risk Management Inc
  • Nanners Lamet, Salesforce Principal Enterprise Architect
  • Ray Ensley, Staff Engineer
  • Sean Lague, Director, CRM Center of Excellence at Covetrus

We can’t wait to help support this phenomenal group in their efforts to educate and inspire the community. If you want to learn more about our DevOps Leaders, head to the dedicated program webpage.

Connect with Gearset DevOps Leaders

You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the DevOps Leaders at events this year. Make sure to take a look at upcoming events and come say hi — our DevOps Leaders are extremely friendly and approachable, one of the many reasons why they’ve been chosen!

If you think you might be a great DevOps Leader next year or would like some more information, please get in touch with me directly at [email protected].

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