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Protect your metadata with monitoring and backup

Prevent unwanted changes to your metadata with automated change monitoring, rollback and backup

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Track changes being made across your Salesforce environments with automatic org snapshots, detailed change tracking, and rapid deployment and rollback.

Automated change tracking

Create automated jobs to monitor and detect every metadata change made across your entire Salesforce landscape. Receive notifications when unwanted changes to your metadata are made straight into production. Keep up-to-date with changes so you never overwrite a production hotfix again.

Deploy detected changes

Quickly deploy any detected changes to other orgs or version control system and keep your environments perfectly in sync.

Roll back unwanted changes

Perform partial or full rollback of any detected changes to your metadata to prevent critical errors and reverse unwanted changes.

Back up your metadata on-demand

Fully automated or instant on-demand metadata back-ups with just one click. Download the backup snapshot of your metadata to deploy from local disk.

Custom static code analysis for your monitored orgs

Automated analysis of your Apex code every day to detect falling code quality and security risks.
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Customize individual rules

Enable or disable specific rules and customize warning levels and severity to meet your needs.

Exclude packages and classes

Focus on the code you care about by specifying paths to exclude from the analysis.

View your results

Inspect code analysis results: view code violations, their location, and a detailed description of any issues.

Change monitoring is packed with other powerful features

Permissions reporting

Explore which profiles and permission sets have been applied across objects and fields.

Complete history of changes

Job results are automatically saved so you can view a full history of every job run and keep a complete audit trail of changes.

Custom notifications

View montioring job results via emails, texts or through our Slack, Microsoft Teams and Chatter integration.

Roll back detected changes

Easily revert unwanted changes with full and partial rollback to avoid critical errors.

Metadata monitoring filters

Monitor for changes to all your metadata, or only specific metadata types.

Team sharing

Team members can view the results of change monitoring job history and be notified of the results via team alerts.

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