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Metadata backup for Salesforce

The most powerful metadata backup tool for Salesforce.

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First class protection for your Salesforce metadata

Protect your metadata from unwanted changes or unexpected incidents with the most comprehensive DevOps tool for Salesforce. Back up your metadata with automated monitoring jobs and restore your metadata with our cutting-edge deployment engine in a matter of clicks.

Automated metadata backups

Schedule daily backup jobs or back up instantly with one click for complete protection of your Salesforce metadata, whatever your org size.

Restore your profiles and permissions

Recover all of your metadata from any point in time and rapidly restore every object, profile and permission set with Gearset’s full or partial rollback.

Catch problems early with change tracking

Automated backup and monitoring jobs detect any changes made to your metadata, so you can easily keep track of the state of your orgs, and get notified if any unwanted changes are made.

When you need to restore, Gearset has you covered

With the recent significant Salesforce service disruption, Gearset proved to be the most important utility in my team's software toolbox. Gearset's functionality was instrumental in getting us up-and-running and providing us with a pathway to recovery after our orgs (Production and all Sandboxes) were negatively impacted. I know I speak for my larger team when I say, thank goodness for Gearset.

Lance Sulton | Director | NextGen Healthcare

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