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Episode 033 — Jason Lantz: Modern Salesforce development is modular!

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Jason Lantz is a prominent figure in the Salesforce ecosystem, known for his contributions to Salesforce DevOps and open source tooling. He is the founder and CEO of MuseLab, a company that enhances Salesforce ISVs product lifecycles, and is the creator of CumulusCI and MetaDeploy. Jason was the Sr. Director of Release Engineering at, where he led the development of tools that support nonprofits.

In this episode Jason talks about how to develop deployment practices with automation that benefit every Salesforce team. His experience in the ecosystem has been dedicated to addressing complex deployment challenges, which he talks about in depth.

Jack and Jason also discuss high-fidelity testing, sandboxes, and the merit of scratch orgs. They also dive into the human element of processes, why asking the right questions and effective partnerships leads to the best solutions.

Jason is an advocate for modular development — he shares how and where we can get started with second generation packaging.

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