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Episode 029 — Melissa Hill Dees: “Do more good!”. Creating a technology landscape that supports everyone

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Melissa Hill Dees is an innovator. She is committed to the Salesforce community, no more so than the non-profit community — she shares her warmth and energy with everyone that’s fortunate enough to cross her path. And we’re lucky enough to have her share with us on DevOps Diaries!

In this episode Jack and Melissa jump into the world of Salesforce non-profit. They discuss the ways that non-profit organizations can be as successful as the best corporations — by investing in the people that work for them, the technologies that can accelerate their success, great user experiences, and freeing up humans to “do more good”.

Jack asks Melissa how we can innovate to stop ourselves and businesses stagnating. They also chat about how data will shape every interaction we have with companies and institutions, as well as the important role that AI will end up playing in our lives. And, maybe the biggest question of all, “is SMS dead?”.

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