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Episode 018 — Julian Joseph: A DevOps Engineer’s guide to testing and DevOps strategy

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Julian Joseph is a Salesforce DevOps Engineer. He has a wealth of experience from his time with Salesforce, Salesforce customers, and partners. Julian built his career by following best practice engineering principles and believes that a DevOps mindset has transformative power when combined with sound business strategy.

In this episode, Jack and Julian dive into the importance of high-quality testing in the Salesforce delivery lifecycle, and how Julian has helped teams speed up and maintain high-quality Salesforce releases. They also explore the differences between developing Salesforce applications on the customer side and the partner side.

Tune in for Julian’s recommendations on source control branching, his take on effective sandbox strategy, his predictions for the DevOps ecosystem as we approach 2024, and a surprisingly simple hidden challenge in Salesforce development.

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