Sales at Gearset

While our sales team predominantly operates from our headquarters in Cambridge, we boast a small yet formidable team based in our Chicago office. Regardless of their location, our teams work seamlessly together, providing comprehensive support and guidance to our customers around the world.

What it’s like working in the Sales team

As we've soared beyond the start up phase, and embraced our journey as a thriving scale up - our commitment to a culture of trust and collaboration is as important to us now as it was on day one. Our focus is always on empowering our customers to succeed. This shared mission propels us forward and keeps us aligned in reaching our goals.

How we work together as a wider team

At Gearset, our sales team is united by a common purpose: delighting our customers, and propelling forward as the market leader for Salesforce DevOps. Openness, trust, and adding value are key when it comes to our customer interactions.

We believe in freely sharing our expertise and experiences with one another, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that fuels growth and continuous improvement, allowing you to reach new heights alongside the best in the business.

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are the first interaction many prospects will have with Gearset. Their role is to gauge where a prospect is at in terms of their evaluation of Gearset, or offer some helpful advice if this is their first time exploring Gearset.

Qualified leads are passed across to the Account Executives (AE’s). The AE’s pick up the conversation and work with the stakeholders to support the prospect in finding a solution that meets their needs. Due to the varied size of the deals, this team is split into SMB and MM.

Sales Engineers often join the demo calls to showcase the platform, dive into the technical pain points, and showcase how Gearset will solve those issues.

Our Sales Specialists share insights on our new features to existing teams and showcase the value of adding these products onto their Gearset account.

Renewals managers speak to all accounts when they’re nearing their renewal period, to discuss their year ahead with Gearset, and to explore if they have any additional needs that Gearset can support them with.

You’ll make a difference at Gearset

At Gearset, every conversation counts. From capturing leads, to satisfying customers and closing deals, each interaction is pivotal in driving our sales success.

Helping our customers succeed is our main focus that drives us all forward and keeps us focused.

The product and engineering teams take feedback directly, so every conversation makes a difference. We continually tweak our roadmap based on this feedback, allowing us to develop great new features and get these in front of our prospects much sooner to see the impact they could have.

Growing your career at Gearset

As our sales team evolves into a thriving and mature organisation, the opportunities for personal growth and skill development expand alongside it, as many of our sales folks have already experienced.

We have a tight feedback loop across the business, and working alongside some of the best people in the industry, who are happy to share their experiences, you’ll be sure to get the best tips and advice to accelerate your learning.

All new starters receive in-depth product training from our in-house experts Maria and Nicole over the first 10 weeks, as well as Sandler sales training. The £1500 Learning and Development budget which all Gearcitizens receive to spend on development opportunities which will help their role. We empower you to invest in your professional growth and acquire the skills needed to thrive in your role.

You’re in the driving seat of your self-development, with the trust, time, and budget to grow your skills and experience.

Sales at Gearset
Sales at Gearset
Sales at Gearset

What our Sales teammates are saying

Work is a team game and it's a blessing to work with true trust and autonomy. Having the opportunity to go out to big ecosystem events, presenting and running workshops in front of 100s of people, has allowed me to become a domain expert and connect with folks around the industry, which is invaluable. What was most refreshing is that we truly care about the customer's problems and JTBD above everything.

Matt Jackson

Product Manager

Working as a woman in tech Sales at Gearset has been an incredible journey filled with growth and support, in a genuinely caring environment. Unlike the stereotypical Wolf of Wall Street Sales, everyone goes above and beyond to look out for one another, creating a workplace where I genuinely love coming to work every day.

Being from a non-technical background, I initially felt intimidated by the prospect of learning technical product details. However, the support and guidance that helped me ramp up into my first role were unparalleled.

Eliána Johnson-Leighton (she/her)

Sales Team Lead - Renewals

When I first arrived at Gearset, I immediately sensed something was different here. It’s not a Sales organisation like many other roles I’ve been in. You are part of a team that stretches way beyond just the ‘sales team.’ If I need help, someone is always there to help – whether that be someone from Product, Engineering, Marketing, Customer Success, you’ll find the support you need quickly. Gearset is a fantastic place to learn and grow both personally & professionally. It’s truly refreshing and a whole lot of fun!

Mike Santorsola

Mid-Market Account Executive

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