Our company values

The foundations of our culture at Gearset

These values are the guiding principles for everything we do at Gearset. Whatever your role and whatever you’re working on, we think these values help us build great things every day, and make Gearset a great place to work.

Gearset, team, self

We achieve more together. It’s always ‘us’ before ‘me’.

We succeed when we focus on the goals of Gearset and our teams, before our own. We collaborate, break silos and help each other improve. We work on trust, feedback and candour.

Embrace discomfort

We achieve the most growth when we step out of our comfort zone.

We find and take opportunities which stretch and challenge us. We adapt and step up in fast-changing and ambiguous situations. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes and when things don’t go as planned, we share what we’ve learnt so we improve.

Delivery over deliberation

We have a bias towards action. Deliver good now, rather than perfect later.

We focus on delivering the right things which add the most value for our users. We’re pragmatic, and know it’s better to release a good solution today and iterate out in the open by gathering and building on feedback, rather than hold things back until they’re perfect.

Focus on the JTBD

Start with ‘why’. We go beyond the surface question to the underlying problem.

We’re curious. We ask questions, we listen and we dig deeper to understand the motivations and challenges behind the surface of our users’ problems. The better we understand our users, the easier it is to help them. We then apply our understanding to innovate and deliver solutions which solve the underlying need and have the biggest impact for our users.