Meet Jack Weatherly, Sales Director EMEA at Gearset

Meet Jack Weatherly, Sales Director EMEA at Gearset

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“My name is Jack Weatherly and I’m the Sales Director EMEA at Gearset, responsible for GTM strategy and delivery. I work hands-on with all of the teams in sales, from the beginning of the sales cycle with Sales Development Representatives, to active sales opportunities with Account Executives and Sales Engineers, out to specialised teams such as Renewals Managers. With a background in European Law, Gearset was my first professional role and I sold the product for 4 years before moving into management and leadership.”

What made you join Gearset?

“I’d just finished my masters and had the choice between staying in law or moving into something a bit different, more exciting and engaging.

I was intrigued by the fast growing nature of Gearset, it was clearly run by smart, enthusiastic people. The idea of joining a company which offers such an effective product in an untapped market sold me on the move. A career in sales in a start-up environment really appealed to me, having the opportunity to be directly involved in scaling the business, every day is impactful to making the organisation bigger and better.”

How would you describe the culture in the Sales team?

“Competitive collaboration. The goal is for everyone to succeed, and the market is so big it allows everyone to overachieve and be successful without stepping on anyone’s toes. Everyone celebrates each other’s wins as much as their own–but we’ve got a bit of friendly competition going on as you’d expect!”

How do your teams like to work?

“We’ve got a great culture of autonomy, everyone is trusted to do their job and do it well. We come together to collaborate, share and bounce ideas off each other when we’re stuck. We share every possible learning in a tight feedback cycle and it’s hugely impactful.”

What are you most excited about for your team?

“There are so many new roles on the horizon for us, as we transition from a small team to a fully developed sales organisation over the next 12-18 months.

There’s the chance to pick what direction the current team members want to go into, such as focusing on new business, existing business or even getting into specialisms. I’m looking forward to seeing the team progress and develop.”

Why should someone join Gearset?

“The people you work with, not just in the sales team. The interactions you’ll have across the company enable you to learn so much every single day. The focus on learning and collaboration sets us up to perform at our best all the time. The product and engineering teams take feedback directly from sales, so every conversation makes a difference.”

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you.

“I’ve got 3 motorbikes and I plan to tour Europe on one this summer.”

What Gearset Slack channel do you hang out in most?

“I post regularly in #motor-things about the travels I’ve done on the motorbikes and it’s interesting to compare rides with other motor enthusiasts at Gearset. I also enjoy snooping at Gearset folks latest renovation work in the #diy channel.”

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