People at Gearset

At Gearset, we believe that our people are our greatest asset, and our People Team is here to support, empower, and ensure a great employee experience. Our team is passionate about fostering a collaborative and diverse environment where each individual can bring their whole self to work.

What it’s like working in the People team

We're all about creating a positive, inclusive, and supportive culture where everyone can thrive. From onboarding to development, benefits, and well-being initiatives, we support our team to be their best.

Gearset’s People Team operates as a cohesive unit, working together to create a positive and supportive employee experience.

Here’s a few of the areas the People Team cover:

Employee Onboarding

The People Team ensures smooth onboarding experiences for new hires. They collaborate with various departments to coordinate role specific training, provide all the necessary equipment and guide new Gearcitizens through their first few days at Gearset. By working together, the team sets the foundation for a seamless integration into the company.

Talent Acquisition

The People Team collaborates with hiring managers to understand talent requirements and develop effective recruitment strategies. They work together to attract top talent for Gearset. By combining their skills in sourcing, interviewing, and candidate relationships, they ensure the Gearset team is growing.

Learning and Development

The People Team designs and delivers learning and development initiatives. They collaborate with subject matter experts and external vendors to provide relevant training. By pooling their expertise, they create opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge, fostering a culture of learning and professional growth. We even won an award for our L&D achievements.

Employee Engagement

Collaboration within the People Team extends to employee engagement initiatives. They work together to organise well-being initiatives that foster a positive and inclusive work environment.

By working together as a team, the People Team at Gearset leverages their diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives to support employees throughout their journey.

How we work together as a team

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to help Gearset grow and continue to impact our customers. Whether it’s nurturing strong relationships and supporting our teams to grow and succeed, creating and sharing our employer brand so more great folks know of Gearset, or attracting top talent. We work together to create and nurture our unique environment where everyone can flourish and unleash their full potential. We believe that our collective success stems from the success of each and every individual.

During our QBR sessions we come together to share insights and learnings from that quarter. In weekly team meetings we share what we’re focusing on for that week. Being open and transparent with what we’re up to, allows others to jump in and share their tips and experiences if they’ve been in a similar situation before!

We’re a tight-knit team even across our offices. We value the importance of building strong relationships, which is why we frequently come together as one, leaving no room for silos or divisions. Whether it’s hopping on a flight for face-to-face meetings, hosting QBRs, or simply enjoying team socials, we actively foster a sense of togetherness.

What our People teammates are saying

Joining Gearset at the start of the year has been the best move of my career. Despite being the only member of the People team based out of our Belfast office, I feel extremely connected to the rest of the team. My opinions are valued, and I love working with such a smart, open and collaborative team.

Conor Mullan

Talent Acquisition Partner

Over the 3 years I've been at Gearset, it's been amazing to see the people team evolve and grow, along with the rest of the company. We're always collaborating and sharing ideas on the best ways for us to achieve success. I feel very lucky to work with such a great bunch of folks and I'm excited to see what we get up to next!

Sian Unwin

People Coordinator

I joined Gearset when there were only around 35 people in the company. What I love about Gearset is that the culture of the company is the same today as it was back then. The people team is a super supportive and cohesive team and I look forward to working with the team daily.

Sara Turkentine

Lead Talent Acquisition Partner

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