Engineering at Gearset

As a product-driven company founded by engineers, we know the value of a great engineering culture built around a product with a clear user need. Our experienced and collaborative development team was built from the ground up on trust, teamwork and solving our customers' problems.

What it’s like working in the Engineering team

In the last few years we’ve rocketed from a 7 person start-up to over 200 people who’ve built an industry-leading platform used by some of the biggest companies across the globe.

Our engineering values

Our engineering team lives by a set of core values. They’re not just nice words—they’re values that guide us through day-to-day challenges and are the foundation of how we work together. We’ve distilled the things that make engineering at Gearset what it is, and these keep us accountable to our own high standards.

How we work together as a team

Our engineering team is focused on delivering value for our customers in a pragmatic way while maintaining our high standards. We’ve built a culture of trust, transparency, collaboration, and feedback, where everyone at Gearset is given the autonomy to succeed and trusted to do good work. This means you can try new things and challenge yourself and others in a safe environment to help you deliver your best work.

You’ll make a difference at Gearset

Our engineers are able to have a big impact from the moment they join Gearset. Our minimal hierarchy, streamlined processes, and focus on delivering features that solve real user issues, means you’ll see the direct impact your work is having.

Most engineers that join us ship a valuable improvement to our users in their first week, which means you’ll be solving interesting user problems from the word go. The whole app is released to production multiple times a day, to deliver value to our users as soon as possible.

Growing your career at Gearset

As an engineer at Gearset you’ll collaborate with really smart individuals across many aspects of the app: whether that’s frontend, backend, integrations with third party tools, infrastructure, or different features within the app with differing levels of maturity. You’ll also own features end-to-end (product management perspective, implementation, design, test, release, etc). All our engineers have the opportunity to grow and learn new things by collaborating with really smart people, moving between teams as well as working cross-functionally with other departments.

Everyone at Gearset has the opportunity to develop their skills and expand their knowledge through courses, management training, or at conferences with the annual £1,500 personal Learning and Development budget.

Our tech stack

Our tech stack includes C#/.NET, TypeScript, React, Postgres, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker and Terraform.

Engineering at Gearset
Engineering at Gearset
Engineering at Gearset
Engineering at Gearset
Engineering at Gearset

What our Engineering teammates are saying

The thing I value most about Gearset is the culture of trust and growth that exists. From starting as a junior developer, I was trusted to investigate and solve lots of different problems, but I always knew there was support if I found a problem too challenging or just needed a push in the right direction. This has meant that I’ve grown in a variety of areas I wouldn't expect, as I’ve been encouraged to try things outside of my comfort zone and given the tools and support to succeed. I wouldn't be the developer I am now without the opportunities for growth and support that I’ve had in my time at Gearset.

Julian Wreford (he/him)

Software Engineer

Gearset is a supportive and collaborative place to work as an engineer. You’re surrounded by people who want to do a good job and are eager and willing to talk to you.

Each day is really varied. You might be working on a large feature, fixing a bug, releasing the app, speaking to a user, helping our customer success or sales team with a technical issue, or answering questions. I really like this way of working, as you’re not just a coding monkey stuck in a room! You see what you’re working on being used in real time, making a difference to users and helping their release processes.

Catherine Bacon (she/her)

Software Engineer

From the interview process to now, I'm always at a loss for words for how friendly the team are here. Being part of a company where you're given equal parts freedom to explore your technological interests, and support to help you fully realise your ideas is really refreshing. Even starting out as a graduate, it was really amazing to be treated as an equal among other engineers. No area of the company was off-limits and I felt comfortable approaching problems that were new to me, knowing that I'd have teammates around to offer advice when I needed it.

Richard Jones (he/him)

Software Engineer

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