Customer Success at Gearset

Many companies pay lip-service to “Customer Success”. At Gearset, it’s a core part of our DNA. From accurate, impartial content on our website, to simple pricing, to technical support, we always prioritise the users in our decision making. No matter what we're doing, we always think of how we can help the user.

What it’s like working in the Customer Success team

As a team, our goal is simple: help our customers get the most from Gearset. We believe in a customer first approach. We do our very best at all times to give our users the best possible experience. When our users succeed, so will we.

We’re a multi-disciplinary team split into three focus areas, each supporting a different parts of the customer journey:

Customer Support & Documentation

Our customer support engineers react to requests for help and try to understand the technical pain that users encounter, so that they are able to unblock them through technical solutions, workarounds, and by discussing problems with the wider team when further help is needed.

The excellent level of customer service supports our users from 8am through 2am UK time (between our US office in Chicago and the UK headquarters in Cambridge) and is often provided via our in-app chat, but where a more personal touch is needed, or where we need to gather more in-depth information, they are also happy to jump on video calls and screen share sessions.

Customer Enablement

Divided into several roles, our customer enablement department helps customers quickly and effectively adopt Gearset, setting them up for long term success. Our teams are focused on ensuring customers understand the value of Gearset and the strategy to be successful.

Customer Success Management

The goal of our CSM teams is, unsurprisingly, to make our users successful with our product so that they remain loyal customers and help us to keep churn as low as possible. We proactively work with our customers through their lifecycle to ensure they achieve the goals they need with our solution.

You’ll make a difference

You’ll get to work in a high-trust environment where you’re given the freedom and support to succeed without internal politics and endless red-tape. Our customer success team is industry leading, and we’ll set you up to succeed with industry recognised training and a chance to build deep technical knowledge on Salesforce DevOps.

The training you’ll get on the job will set you up to tailor your support for these folks, whether they’re smaller teams, or strategic accounts.

You’ll be working with some of the world’s largest and most recognisable brands such as Sage, Accenture and Johnson & Johnson, helping them see long term success with Gearset.

Our shared traits

Everyone in Customer Success demonstrates a shared set of traits that underpin what customer success is at Gearset, and how we work together as a cohesive team. These apply regardless of your role, and are some of the foundational things that help us deliver such a great customer experience.

We achieve more together

We’re big on collaboration and feedback within the CS department. That’s why every week we gather together for a group call listening session. It’s an informal opportunity to share best practices, listen to each other’s calls, and learn from our teammates, to help us all improve our skills to deliver a better service for our customers.

We also really believe in being open and honest. We’re a scaling business, operating in a constantly evolving market, and so that means we don’t always get things right, nor do we have a crystal ball that tells us the future 18 - 24 months out. So, if you’re the type of person who thrives in a fast paced evolving environment, then Gearset could be for you.

Our motto is: To build the best team, to empower the most successful customers in our industry, and we aim to keep that at the forefront of everything we’re doing

We’re a technical bunch

We work at the intersection of technology and customer partnership and we’re privileged to work with our customers’ technical teams. Our passion for having detailed, technical conversations is at the core of what knits our team together. By doing so, we’re able to deliver a top level partnership to our customers and work across our business to help build a great product.

Over 20% of all Gearcitizens are in the Customer Success team. Whilst most of them are based out of our Cambridge HQ, we’ve also got strong representation in our Chicago office, and remote folks in the UK. We collaborate regardless of location; the most important thing to us is delighting our global customers and providing expert support.

What our Customer Success teammates are saying

Work is such a large part of anyone’s life, we all live and breathe it every single day. At Gearset, I love the fact that we have this humour in the workplace, our fun culture where team members don’t take themselves too seriously yet each individual is motivated and has a lot of company pride.

Specially in Customer Success, our team’s passion for helping customer’s is inspiring. I think that our team’s ability to understand our customer’s needs and provide solutions before they even ask, and communicate clearly has been invaluable in ensuring that our customers receive the best possible experience. I find myself embracing new challenges all the time because of our team’s positivity and infectious energy.

Pearl Oyunbaatar

Customer Success

Coming from a large bureaucratic company to Gearset was scary at first, but was a real breath of fresh air in the end! Joining such a fast growing company where everyone’s putting in the extra effort and really driving the team forward is such a fantastic atmosphere to be involved in, and working with some of our largest customers to realise actual benefits to their workflows is really fulfilling.

Samuel Crossland

DevOps Architect

It was a no-brainer for me to come back to Gearset. Having now worked at a variety of companies, I can confidently say that Gearset's culture is unparalleled. The level of commitment everyone has for grappling with complex topics is only rivalled by our commitment to always have a good time while doing so. I'm laughing and learning something new, every day.

Nicole Bazarova

Sales Engineer

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