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Webinar recording: Git for Salesforce Admins, part 2

David Runciman on October 16th 2019

Gearset is currently running a webinar series: 'Git for Admins'. Our aim in the series is to explain the benefits of a Git-based workflow to everyone involved in developing on the Salesforce platform, because we're committed to the principle that Git isn't just for developers.

In the first webinar of the series, we introduced the core concepts of source control and Git. Our second webinar, 'Getting hands-on with Git', picked up where we left off and pushed on to the next level.

'Getting hands-on with Git'

As the title suggests, this webinar involved plenty of practical demonstration. We walked participants through the basic setup of a feature-branch model of developing with version control, covering some Git commands and the GitHub user interface along the way. We showed how to use the Salesforce DX command line interface to start spinning up scratch orgs and pull the source down to your local machine. And we demonstrated how Gearset lets you take advantage of Git and DX without the need to write code, by creating a scratch org and deploying its metadata to a Git repository using Gearset's user interface.

Don't worry if you missed the webinar! You can catch up on YouTube, or right here: