Reduce noise when migrating Salesforce managed packages using Gearset

Reduce noise when migrating Salesforce managed packages using Gearset

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Gearset is already great for migrating changes to managed packages, but one problem that customers sometimes run into is noise in the comparison viewer. If you’ve got lots of managed packages installed in your Salesforce orgs, it can be tricky to find the components you actually want to migrate, even with Gearset’s advanced filtering capabilities. To make matters worse, your comparison times can be made significantly longer because Gearset has to download all that extra metadata from Salesforce.

To address this problem, last week we introduced some extra filtering options that you can apply to your Gearset comparisons. You can now specify a list of managed package namespaces to include in your comparison, rather than simply including all or none of the packages. This means that Gearset no longer needs to download metadata from packages that you’re not interested in, and your comparison is no longer cluttered up with it - leaving you free to focus in on the components you care about.

How to use the comparison filtering options

NOTE: Gearset’s comparisons have had an upgrade! We’re in the process of updating all our blog posts with the new UI images, but in the meantime you can find out more here.

To access the metadata filters when setting up a comparison, select the Manage custom filters... option in the metadata filters dropdown on the comparison page:

Manage custom filters

The Manage custom filters dialog has been expanded to add a section on the right hand side which allows you to specify which managed packages to include in your comparison:

Add namespaces to a custom metadata filter

Selecting the Choose radio button will allow you to add a list of namespaces to include in the comparison. If you’ve already selected your source and target org we’ll also load the namespaces present in those orgs and present them as suggestions for you to add to the list with one click.

You can save your custom filter as before and namespace options will be saved.

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Automation jobs

All of the above also applies to change monitoring and CI jobs, allowing you extra granularity in what changes you want to monitor and/or sync across your environments.

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