Partnering with Supermums to launch a CPD program for women in tech

Partnering with Supermums to launch a CPD program for women in tech

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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Supermums, to help launch its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Supermums is a social enterprise and a registered Salesforce Partner on a mission to upskill and empower women with the latest technology skills. With a focus on Salesforce and complementary ISV products, Supermums is tackling gender inequality in the tech industry by increasing the number of women joining the ecosystem with the skills and knowledge to increase their salary potential and enter leadership positions.

Supermums CPD program

A learning resource for the community

Launched in 2016, Supermums provides training and recruitment services to a rapidly growing global community of more than 2,000 professionals. Alongside supporting women, Supermums prides itself on being inclusive and invites all individuals who wish to benefit from training and recruitment to join the community, boost their skills and achieve their career ambitions.

The Supermums CPD program is completely free and delivered by a trusted set of partners spanning a range of essential app providers, who will offer valuable training to aspiring and established Salesforce professionals. Heather Black, CEO of Supermums, comments:

“We're really excited to announce our new free CPD program which provides budding and established Salesforce professionals with access to great training, certifications, discounts and opportunities with a great selection of global ISV partners. I'm delighted to be working with Gearset to help upskill women and the rest of our Salesforce talent community with DevOps expertise. Having skills and knowledge in a trusted set of products is valuable to have in the toolbox of any Salesforce professional. It adds value to résumés, supports confidence and aids career progression by building credibility. This new initiative and partnership will help us to enhance our mission that one step further.”

Heather Black | CEO | Supermums

Gearset is delighted to be involved in the Supermums CPD program because it aligns very closely with our aim of inspiring and empowering women who are passionate about building on Salesforce. To that end, we’ve also recently launched our Women in Salesforce DevOps community initiative with an inaugural meetup event in London on September 8th. As Maritina Tsembelis, our Strategic Partnership Manager, explains:

“At Gearset, we believe strongly in giving everyone the skills, knowledge and abilities to excel in their work. Supermums is a well-recognized brand in the Salesforce ecosystem and their mission of empowering women into tech careers fits in very well with our own values. What makes Supermums such a great business is the community element - something we're also helping to establish with our Women in Salesforce DevOps events. Through our DevOps Launchpad training platform, we can help Supermums provide free, expert courses on all aspects of Salesforce DevOps.”

Maritina Tsembelis | Strategic Partnership Manager | Gearset

For the Supermums CPD program, Gearset will deliver self-study certification courses on Salesforce DevOps via our DevOps Launchpad training platform. DevOps Launchpad offers all Salesforce professionals a fun and engaging way to learn the fundamentals of DevOps and get to grips with more advanced topics.

Want to learn more about the CPD program and Salesforce DevOps?

Any professional can join the Supermums community to access the CPD program as well as benefit from a weekly Top Tips News Bulletin, a monthly Office Hour Session with live demos and discussion, plus exclusive invitations to partner events. To join the community, you can register for the CPD program on the Supermums website and follow Supermums on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’d like to know more about Gearset’s Women in Salesforce DevOps initiative, you can register for the upcoming event in London and add yourself to the mailing list to be notified of virtual events and future local meetups across the US and UK.

To find out more about the DevOps certification courses and benefit from other learning materials available on DevOps Launchpad, head over to the training platform here: DevOps Launchpad.

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