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Feature update: data deployment beta now available

Stephen Chambers on July 27th 2017

Data deployment is one of the major features on our product roadmap for 2017 (with the usual safe harbor caveats in place). We've previously written about what we plan to deliver when it comes to data support. The short version is that we're adding support for the ability to generate data samples for the the purposes of debugging and testing. This deals with scenarios such as choosing specific records from standard and custom objects to enable debugging and testing (e.g. three account records and related records).

We now feel that there's now enough basic functionality in place to release what we currently have as an early beta.

Before you try the data deployment beta...

Disclaimer: If you are thinking of using the beta, please be aware of the following:

  • The current beta is still in the early stages so doesn't deal with all scenarios just yet. You can expect it to break. It's a beta after all.
  • You shouldn't use the data deployment feature on Salesforce orgs that you care about.
  • The beta currently supports development and sandbox orgs only as targets for data deployment. We've disabled deploying to production orgs for the time being.
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit but will be downloaded to our servers to enable deployments.
  • There's no deployment roll back when it comes to deploying data.
How it works: deploying data using Gearset

Like deploying metadata via Gearset, deploying data is just as intuitive and easy to get started:

  1. Enable data support via the account page when logged in
  2. Choose Deploy data from the menu
  3. Select the source and target orgs to be used and click Configure deployment (Reminder: we've disabled support for deploying to production orgs during the beta)

Choosing the source and target Salesforce orgs for the deployment of data

We perform a Salesforce listmetadata call to retrieve the object list from the selected source organization and display the results in a treeview.

  • For each parent object in the tree you can specify the number of records to retrieve up to a maximum of 2,000. [Note: this is due to the current API we're using, but may change in the future if we switch to the Salesforce Bulk API.] The option to use advanced queries for specifying the records to retrieve isn't available yet.
  • When a parent object is expanded, Gearset checks for dependencies and lists any that are detected which can also be included to generate your sample data. Dependencies of dependencies will also be pulled in.

Choosing the object and its dependencies to generate sample data to be deployed

Once the parent and child objects have been selected, click View summary to review the data to be deployed.

A summary of the data to be deployed to the target org

Finally, click on Deploy data and Gearset will attempt to deploy the generated sample to the target org. You'll have your subset of data available for any testing and debugging you'd like to perform on the target org.

Data successfully deployed

We want your feedback!

Access to the beta is included as part of the free 30 day trial or if you're an existing customer. Simply log in, start trying it out for yourself and send us feedback via the chat widget in the app. If you've any questions about data support, or feedback on any of the above, email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Update (1st August 2017)

Today we've lifted the restriction on using production orgs as the source of data deployments. The restriction on using production orgs as the target of data deployments remains in place for now.

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