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We’re continually adding new features to Gearset with the goal of simplifying Salesforce release management for everyone, irrespective of job role and responsibilities. These can range from new standalone features, to the ongoing iteration and gradual enhancement of existing features driven primarily by user feedback.

One of the most popular requests has been to improve the existing team management functionality in Gearset.

Flexible team ownership management in Gearset now available

A team in Gearset starts with a team owner who has sole responsibility for inviting new members to the team, as well as managing team subscriptions. Team roles are rarely static, however, and we wanted to have the flexibility to let users easily change the team structure as required.

For example, if a team required a change of team owner, we previously didn’t offer the self-service feature for the existing team owner to hand over the reins and promote an existing member to take over the role as owner. Due to user requests we’ve now added that ability, and the existing team owner can simply log in, view the current list of team members and choose who to assign as the new team owner. Additionally, we’ve also added the ability for the team owner to more easily remove existing members from the account page with the click of a button.

Changing team ownership and removing team members in Gearset

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