Live webinar: Getting hands-on with Git for Salesforce

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When it comes to setting up a Git-based workflow for Salesforce, everyone wants to get it just right. All teams have their own ways of working when deploying changes from version control to Salesforce environments and automating releases to staging and production orgs. But regardless of the exact model you follow, there are patterns, commands and tools that any team using Git should be familiar with. It’s time to get hands-on with Git.

Before you unleash all the goodness of source-driven development, there’s a bunch of choices you’ll need to make. You’ll need to decide on your hosting provider, your branching strategy, and the tools to support your developers and admins day-to-day. And of course, no discussion of source-driven development for Salesforce would be complete without some consideration of when and how to adopt Salesforce DX.

In the upcoming webinar, we’ll walk you through Gitflow, one of the most popular Git branching strategies. We’ll discuss how teams deal with common issues before giving you a live demo of how to unlock the benefits of using Git with Salesforce CLI tools. Because your goal is to speed up your development process and optimize your release management, we’ll also show you how Gearset makes it easy to fit all the pieces together into one streamlined workflow. It’s going to be exciting, don’t miss out!

Join the free webinar on Thursday, September 12th

Gear up and get hands on with Git for Salesforce by joining Jason Mann and Matt Dickens for this deep dive into source-driven development. We’ll be streaming the event live on Thursday, September 12th, at 5:00pm BST / 12:00pm (noon) EST / 9:00am PST. We like to keep our webinars interactive and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions during the session.

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Once you’ve booked your seat on the webinar, you might want to check out our whitepapers on Version control for Salesforce and Adopting Salesforce DX. If you’re not using Gearset already, sign up for a month’s free trial here! We’re always happy to look into any specific issues or challenges your team might be facing. Feel free to drop us an email or get in touch with us via our live chat.

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