Introducing the Gearset roadmap - built on your feedback

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Over the past few months we’ve spoken with hundreds of Salesforce users around the world. From dedicated developers to awesome admins, we took the time to understand their deployment pains and find out what their perfect release management solution would look like. We covered the whole spectrum of Salesforce users: large corporations with complex release management, consultants working with multiple clients, and small non-profits working directly in a product environment.

The aim of all of this: to help us understand how our users approach deployments, what they find particularly difficult, and what they aspire to achieve. We collected a huge amount of incredibly valuable feedback, and to all who took the time to speak with us – thank you!

The roadmap

The Gearset roadmap

The result of this research is our new product roadmap, which lays out our ambitions for Gearset over the coming 12 months. We want to ensure we continue to build a product that delivers value to Salesforce users. Having gathered feedback from so many people, we now know what we need to do. We’re publishing this roadmap so you can see how Gearset is going to evolve in the future, and how it could become the release management tool for you.

We’ve split our development work into three broad categories: new features, usability enhancements, and metadata handling improvements. These are grouped by the quarter we intend to release them in.

New features

Major new functionality in the app which will create new use cases and fundamentally improve the way you interact with Gearset. These features significantly increase the capability of the app and will be of interest to the majority of our users. Examples include production monitoring, scheduling deployments and support for validated packages. We’ll release more information on each new feature as it goes live.

Usability enhancements

Improvements to the look, layout and functionality of the app. From improved code rending in the diff viewer to adding group notifications, changes in this category will improve the way you use Gearset day-to-day, saving you valuable time.

Metadata handling improvements

Our constant work to improve the efficiency and stability of the comparison engine that powers Gearset. Many of these changes will go largely unnoticed – comparisons will run faster, dependency analysis will be more detailed, and support for version control systems will be improved. Just because they aren’t headline news, doesn’t mean we won’t give these improvements the due time and attention they deserve.

Help shape Gearset - give us your suggestions

A product roadmap is not a static object, it evolves based on continual feedback. If you have a feature suggestion you’d love to see, disagree with our prioritization or think we’ve missed something crucial, please let us know. We’ll listen to your feedback, explore the options and, if we decide to implement it, we’ll add it to our roadmap.

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