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Gearset whitepaper - best-practice in Salesforce release management

Jason Mann on August 28th 2015

Gearset was founded on the idea of simplifying Salesforce deployments. Over the past year we’ve worked closely with the Salesforce community to create a service that delivers on that idea and provides real value to Salesforce users.

Creating the service is only half the solution. It takes care of the how, but enabling simple Salesforce deployments also requires an understanding of the why: the thought process that controls when and where changes are moved between environments. It’s no good being able to deploy in a few clicks if your changes cause disruption to other users in your business.

Well-defined release management is the key to the why. Yet with so many org types and possible configurations of your Salesforce solution, finding what that looks like for you can be a daunting task.

That’s why Gearset is proud to announce its first whitepaper, specifically aimed at providing a best-practice guide on improving release management within your business. In this paper we look at the link between deployment management and release management, how people approach them now, and what an ideal solution might look like. Based on a combination of Salesforce best practice, customer insight, and our experience making market-leading deployment tools, our model is designed to balance the complexity, budget, and risk tolerance of your business to provide the best solution for you.

Download the free whitepaper on release management

We hope this whitepaper will prove to be an informative and useful resource that helps you make the most of Salesforce in your business and, combined with Gearset deploy, enables you to simplify your Salesforce deployments.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Did you find the whitepaper useful? Anything we missed? Let us know by dropping an email to [email protected] or messaging us on Twitter @GearsetHQ.

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