Live summit: Explore Salesforce DevOps with industry experts

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We’re really looking forward to the next Gearset DevOps Summit! How to Scale your Salesforce DevOps to maximize ROI is now just over a week away on June 10th. We’ll get to hear thought leaders and industry experts from across the Salesforce ecosystem speak on a range of topics, as well as putting all of our questions to them. We’ll also find out who wins the prize draw on the day! If you haven’t yet booked your place, you can sign up here:

Don’t miss these great speakers!

Tune in on June 10th for the summit and you’ll be catching another exciting lineup of experienced and engaging speakers, including:

  • Ben McCarthy, Founder, Salesforce Ben
  • Ian Gotts, CEO and Founder,
  • Roberto Drumond Da Silva, Senior Technical Architect, Salesforce
  • Jan van Os, Senior Solution Architect, Salesforce
  • Gregory Grinberg, Senior Director, SilverlineCRM
  • Samantha Arnold, Account Marketing Manager, Gearset

It will be fantastic to hear from all of these speakers and from all of you. There were dozens of great questions and discussions at the last summit. Keep them coming!

Hear more about hot topics

What can you expect to hear about at the summit? Our speakers will be addressing some of the most important topics right now, including how to overcome the obstacles that lots of companies face in getting the most out of Salesforce.

The Salesforce platform and the way companies use it is constantly evolving. That brings a whole raft of opportunities - and challenges. How can companies, especially large enterprises, keep getting more out of their investment without seeing a drop-off in the IT department’s agility? Ian Gotts and Kevin will address this question in the summit’s keynote, explaining how to scale Salesforce DevOps successfully.

Join us at the Gearset DevOps Summit on June 10th, 2021

The summit will also include talks on the technical challenges of adopting and maturing DevOps processes, as well as the choices we all make about tools and workflows. Our State of Salesforce DevOps report shows that adopting version control remains a significant challenge for many teams in 2021. Gearset now has a huge wealth of experience helping teams set up version control, which Jason Mann, Gearset’s VP of Customer Success, will share with you at the summit. The report also shows that many companies using Salesforce aren’t as resilient as they should be. Gearset’s Ali Daw and Jed Ingram will explain how backup completes the DevOps toolset to guarantee business resilience.

Get up to speed with the latest developments

The summit is a great way to hear the latest news about Salesforce DevOps. As we did at the last summit, we’ll bring together several speakers as a panel to answer questions about Salesforce DevOps and to explore the secrets of success that high-performing Salesforce teams have uncovered. This promises to be another lively discussion with lots of food for thought! Gearset CTO and co-founder Matt Dickens will also be unveiling some very exciting product developments that we can’t wait to share with you.

Learn about Salesforce together

One of the great things about the Salesforce community is that we all enjoy learning together. There’s no shortage of things to find out about, whether it’s the latest from Salesforce itself or the cutting edge of best practice for development and release management on the platform. We can all learn from each other, and we have fun doing it. As a result, we’re always getting better and better at serving our end users and customers, making Salesforce work for them.

See you on June 10th!

We hope you can make it on June 10th for this half-day summit jam-packed with actionable advice and insights. But don’t let it stop you if you can’t join us live for whatever reason - after the summit we’ll send out recordings of the talks to everyone who signs up. Either way, enjoy the summit!

Join us at the Gearset DevOps Summit on June 10th, 2021

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