Designing Gearset Deploy: accessing your Salesforce deployment history

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To ensure the ongoing design and feature development of Gearset Deploy continues to meet our customers’ needs, we’re always listening to your feedback. One topic that has cropped up consistently is to provide a way to access a history of previous Salesforce deployments within the business. We’ve heard of situations where changes are being manually saved in a document, or even written down, in an attempt to keep track of what’s been updated. In this post we’ll look at why it’s important to keep a deployment history and how you can manage your deployment history in Gearset Deploy.

Why keep a history of your Salesforce deployments?

1. Governance and release management

Many industries have a legal obligation to meet regulatory requirements. A governance framework can help companies meet those requirements in key areas such as user access, data availability, and increased visibility across departments. A clearly documented release management process means that departments using Salesforce will understand the release cycle process within their business, with the added benefit that the data involved will be protected.

2. Enabling Agile working practices for Salesforce development teams

With the move to Agile development, ready access to details of previous deployments can be critical for Salesforce development teams. Retrieving this information can be a slow and time-consuming process unless the deployments have been documented from the beginning. Automatic saving of deployment changes means no more seeking out someone who was involved with a previous deployment or wasting time trying to understand what changed in any given deployment.

Accessing your deployment history in Gearset Deploy

With all of these points in mind, we’ve designed Gearset Deploy Cloud to provide you with a detailed, automatic audit trail of previous Salesforce deployments within your business. Once a deployment has finished, a detailed report will be automatically saved and made available through the Deployment History page of the portal. You’ll be able to quickly view key information about the deployment, such as the date and time and who performed it. You can also download a report containing the specific details of the deployment.

The Deployment History page gives a full audit trail of deployments to your business

Within this Deployment History page, you can view a complete history of previous deployments in your business. This acts as an automatic audit trail and provides you with granular tracking of your deployment history. By downloading a copy of the changes made in any previous deployment, you can easily share this information with other members of your team or keep local backups for future reference. Individual entries can be deleted from the history if required.

As a new feature, we’d love to hear any feedback you have about the Deployment History page. Does it do everything you need, or is there something more we could be doing? As always, we’ll be listening to your feedback and using this to guide our development of Gearset.

Visit our forum to add your comments and suggestions, or drop us an email at [email protected] and give us your thoughts!

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