How to deploy a Salesforce Sales Path

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In the words of Salesforce itself, Sales Paths are a feature of Salesforce that “keep sales reps focused on what’s most important to close deals fast. By guiding reps to the right fields and sales content at the right time, Sales Path enforces and ensures adoption of your company’s sales process.”

These sound like a great addition to any Sales Cloud, but how do you deploy them?

I noticed on the excellent #askforce hashtag this morning that MrSteve_W needed some help deploying Sales Paths.

We hadn’t done any testing of this feature ourselves, so thought it might be fun to try with Gearset. It turned out that deploying Sales Paths with Gearset is as easy as deploying anything else :)

1. Set source organization

The first thing I need to do is pick which org I’ve built my Sales Path in. Gearset connects to your org securely over OAuth with nothing needed to be installed in any of your orgs.

2. Set target organization

Now I pick my target org.

3. Customize your comparison

We don’t include Sales Path, or PathAssistant as they are technically known, in the default set of types that we compare but it only takes a second to add that before comparing.

4. Kick off the comparison

When I start the comparison, Gearset will download the metadata from both orgs and do a semantic diff pulling apart objects, and stitching them back together as required.

5. Select changes to deploy

Now we have a list of all the differences, it is easy to pick the new Sales Path to deploy

6. Validate or deploy

Our package has been all built, easy now to validate, deploy or save for deployment later.

Now my target org has been updated with a Sales Path and the Sales Reps now have the startling insight this Sales Path provides to ‘Increase Annual Revenue’

If you need to deploy Sales Paths or any other Salesforce metadata, then Gearset can help! To gain access to all Gearset’s great features sign up to our free 30-day trial now.

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