New dependency support for deploying flows

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Dependencies between objects are one of the most common causes of failed Salesforce deployments and finding missing dependencies can be seriously time-consuming and frustrating. But with Gearset’s dependency tracking, our users have been able to eliminate the trial and error from deployments so you can deploy quickly, confidently and successfully.

Over the past two years we’ve been steadily adding support for more and more dependencies, based on our telemetry and user feedback. Our latest addition is dependency support for flows.

Deploying flows with Gearset

Deploying flows can be tricky - but we’re here to help. Gearset has now added dependency support for flows, including input assignments, output assignments, action calls, record creates and deletes and the myriad of other metadata types that flows depend on.

With our advanced dependency tracking and problem analysis, Gearset checks for related items/objects before pushing the deployment package up to Salesforce. If any are missing, it automatically identifies them and warns you, making it faster and simpler to deploy flows (and the rest of your metadata!).

How does it work?

When configuring your deployment, simply select the flow you’d like to deploy from your list of objects. If you expand the object, you’ll be able to see that Gearset has automatically identified the flow’s dependencies.

In the example below we’ve intentionally not included any dependencies which, in most deployment tools, would cause the deployment to fail.

Include your flow in your deployment

If you do forget any dependencies, like in this example, Gearset’s problem analyzer will detect the missing dependencies and automatically suggest that you include them.

Gearset has automatically identified missing dependencies for you to include in your package

With Gearset’s problem analysis at work, you can easily discover and include missing dependencies and continue with the usual deployment workflow, without having to go through the round trip of pushing the deployment to Salesforce and receiving an error.

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