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Data backup is out of beta!

David Runciman on November 12th 2019

Another important milestone, and another exciting moment for us and our users: data backup is now out of beta! At Gearset, we're all about providing the best, most comprehensive set of tools for Salesforce DevOps, so we're thrilled to announce that our data backup is now in general release.

Everything in Gearset is built on our deep understanding of Salesforce metadata. And because Salesforce data sits in a structure described by that metadata, we've been able to build the best tools for working with data: first data loader, and now data backup.

A backup solution that works

A backup solution is an essential part of any disaster recovery plan. But storing your data somewhere safe is not enough. Backups are only as good as your ability to restore from them quickly and accurately, so that you can set an ambitious target for both recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

Have you considered what it would look like to restore using your current backup solution? If your team has to restore records one by one, a short RTO is unrealistic. And what if the underlying metadata, the structure of your org, has changed since your last backup? You can't restore records until you have first restored the data fields and relationships in your org. In practice, doing all of this manually is too slow and error-prone to be an option. You need a backup solution that's purpose-built for Salesforce: a solution that handles your metadata as well as your data.

At Gearset we often talk about 'data backup' and 'org backup' almost interchangeably. That's because, if disaster strikes, you'll need your whole org backed up: metadata and data. Only then can you restore the shape of your org before restoring your data. With Gearset, you can back up your whole org - and this means you'll have a backup that you can rely on when it matters most.

Whole org backup

Whole org backup

Back up your whole org: metadata and data

Automatic and frequent

Automatic and frequent

Daily incremental backups and weekly full backups

Full or partial restore

Full or partial restore

Restore single records or entire orgs while keeping relationships intact

Easy setup

Easy setup

Customizable settings for backup runs, storage, and monitoring

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Delete users' personal records to comply with privacy laws

Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade security

Secure data storage and encryption with full user control

Built for every use case

Gearset's backup solution has a number of use cases. You might discover that certain records have been deleted without authorization or accidentally overwritten; you might even find that data has been deleted or corrupted with malicious intent. If you do find yourself in the worst-case scenario, needing to restore your whole org, Gearset can get you back up and running quickly. Or, if you just need to do a partial restore, Gearset can do that too - from individual records to complex hierarchies of related data.

Gearset's ability to restore data is tried and tested, because it uses the same engine as Gearset's data loader. Gearset's smart handling of metadata means that our data loader can restore your records to the right place, with relationships between records kept intact. If there are conflicts, you can choose whether to update the existing record or create a new one.

There's also a quick restore function, separate from the data loader flow. This can be a useful way to restore small numbers of records and quickly correct mistakes.

Quick restore demo

How does Gearset's data backup work?

When you set up a backup job, Gearset runs an initial full backup. It then runs incremental backups on a daily basis, starting at a time of your choice, and additional full backups are run once a week. Having a backup that runs daily means that your RPO can be a point in time within the 24-hour period before any data disaster strikes.

Setting up a backup job is straightforward. As well as choosing the time when you want the daily backups to start, you can also make selections for a few other options. You can set the maximum percentage of your API limit that the backup will use. Once you've reached the daily API limit Salesforce sets for your org, you can't make any further calls to the Salesforce API. Allocating a maximum percentage of your API requests for data backup makes sure that you will have some requests left over for other purposes. If your backup job reaches the limit you've set it will stop, and automatically continue from where it left off when it next runs.

General settings

From the notification settings, you can choose to be notified of every backup run, or only those that fail. You can also set up smart alerts that will notify you if unusual amounts of data have been deleted from your org since the last backup. For example, you might choose to be alerted when one-hundred or more records have been deleted from your Account object, which could indicate that data has been deleted by accident or through malicious intent.

Smart alerts

You can set filters to control the types of data you want to back up. For example, you might not be concerned about backing up ApexTestQueueItem records, and filtering these out will reduce the time and API calls used by your backup runs.

Filtering settings

You remain in complete control of your data. You manage the master encryption keys for your data, and can render backups unusable by deleting the master key. For compliance with legal frameworks such as GDPR, you need to be able to 'forget' customers' personally identifiable information. With Gearset, you can delete individual records from your backups using their unique Salesforce record ID.

Forget records

Data security you can trust

Gearset is ISO 27001 compliant and takes data security with the utmost seriousness. Your backup data is always held securely. Like Salesforce and Heroku, Gearset uses Amazon Web Services, and our servers are protected with multiple layers of encryption. Your data is encrypted to the highest security standards, both in transit and at rest. Further information can be found in our security and compliance document.

Find out more

Data backup is available as a stand-alone product or as an add-on to your Gearset license. As with all of Gearset's features, you can try it out first for free.

If you'd like to know more about data backup, just drop us an email or contact us via the chat here on our website. And if you're going to be at Dreamforce, look out for us in Developer forest - we'll be demoing data backup there!

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