Create custom schedules for your Salesforce test jobs

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Gearset’s free test runner just got a little bit smarter. Starting today, you can select what time of day your tests should run, so that you can avoid conflicts with other scheduled jobs running in the org and make sure no development is happening while the tests run.

To use the new time picker, just head to the test monitoring page and click Add new job, or edit one of your existing jobs.

In the dialog, you’ll see a new control with the time the job is currently scheduled for:

The new test monitor dialog

To modify the scheduled time, hit the clock icon to the right hand side and select your daily run time from the popup:

Editing the time a test monitor runs

All schedule times are in your local timezone, as indicated below your selected time. In my case, I’m in the Europe/London timezone. If your timezone is set incorrectly, you can modify it on your Account page. Once set up, your test monitoring job will run in your local timezone (including observing daylight savings, if applicable to your timezone).

Gearset’s test monitoring feature is totally free with no time or usage limits! You can sign up using the link in the footer. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, visit our feedback forum to add your comments and suggestions, or drop us an email at [email protected].

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