Comparing Salesforce reports: Salesforce deployment subtlety #1138

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Ok, so the title of this blog post may be more inspired by the impending release of The Force Awakens than the actual number of deployment subtleties that are now baked into Gearset, but it certainly feels at this stage that the Gearset comparison and analysis engine knows almost as much about the intricacies of Salesforce deployment as Salesforce itself does.

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As a quick refresher, the Gearset approach to solving deployment problems on the Salesforce platform is to make our deployment engine as smart as possible. We think understanding the subtleties of how to manipulate and transform Salesforce metadata allows us to really deal with the things that might make your deployment fail. Checking for missing dependencies, dealing with history tracking differences between orgs, and working around master-detail relationship quirks are just a few of the recent enhancements to the engine which help reduce failure rate.

We recently received a request from a user to support comparing and deploying reports that are in the Unfiled Public Reports folder.

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This folder is a magic folder that isn’t returned by the Metadata API when you ask for all folders in the org. To retrieve the reports in that folder, you need to explicitly request all the items in unfiled$public with a type of Report. Thanks to the users over at the Success Community for documenting that. (

After a bit of investigation, we updated Gearset’s dependency analysis to support Unfiled Public Reports. The result? We no longer generate unnecessary warnings during our dependency analysis phase. This is just one of the many, many small things that we think contribute to Gearset being the most reliable way to move changes around your Salesforce orgs.

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