Gearset and Einstein analytics: deploy Wave datasets, Wave applications, and Wave dashboards with ease

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With Gearset you can easily migrate your Salesforce Einstein analytics settings between your orgs. Creating dashboards in your sandbox and deploying them out into production has never been easier!

Einstein analytics

Einstein analytics, previously known as Wave, gives you the power to derive deep insights from your data with custom dashboards and graphs. It’s a great way to make data-driven decisions which improve the effectiveness of your business.

Gearset fully supports the comparison and deployment of your Einstein analytics metadata, so you can focus on reaping the benefits of your new data visualisations.

Deploying Wave components

Einstein is powered by the underlying Wave metadata type. Let’s walk through the process of deploying Wave metadata between your Salesforce orgs with Gearset.

  1. Create a custom metadata filter which includes the Wave components you want to deploy (see how)

    Create a custom metadata filter which includes wave metadata
  2. Run a comparison between the source and target orgs

  3. Click on any of the metadata items to see the differences between your orgs in Gearset’s diff viewer

    Compare the Wave metadata between your orgss
  4. Select the components you want to deploy, click Next, and then click Deploy. If you want to schedule an automatic deployment for a later time, run a validation and then choose the date and time for the deployment.

    Deploy your Wave metadata in a few clicks

That’s it, your target org now has all the power of Einstein analytics!

Note: Seeing deployment errors like this: Not available for deploy for this organization? Make sure that Einstein analytics is enabled on your target org!

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