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Designing Gearset Deploy: scheduling automatic backups of your Salesforce organization metadata

Stephen Chambers on July 28th 2015

Metadata defines almost every area of a application, and it can specify key configurations of components and even aspects of how your Salesforce organizations behave. Salesforce organization metadata isn’t automatically backed up by the platform, and that’s a potentially dangerous situation when it comes to tracking changes over time, especially considering how critically important the metadata can be.

For some companies, development can happen directly in Salesforce without any strict QA or source control process in place. The chance of a problem occurring increases with the complexity of a Salesforce organization and the number of developers or administrators involved, all of whom might be making changes over the course of a project.

With an automated daily backup process to save any Salesforce organization metadata changes, you can trace back and recover to a previous point in time. With the upcoming automated metadata backup feature in Gearset Deploy, you’ll be able to do this in just a couple of clicks.

Preview: Backing up and accessing your Salesforce metadata

Gearset Deploy will soon come with a simple two-click process to enable the automatic backup of all the metadata in your Salesforce organizations.

We’ve added a Metadata backups tab to give you access to all metadata backup management tasks and a full backup history. To begin, simply click on the option to enable a backup and you’ll see a drop-down list of the Salesforce organizations you can choose from. Select the organization you want to enable metadata backups for, and Gearset Deploy will immediately add it to the list of scheduled backups.

That’s it! The organization’s metadata is now set to be automatically backed up daily.

Enabling metadata backup for an organization

The Metadata backups tab also displays a full list of the Salesforce organizations whose metadata is being backed up, as well as other organizations which are not currently being backed up but for which historical backups are available. Additionally, backed-up metadata will still be available for organizations that were added in the past but have since been removed. You can stop backing up metadata for a particular organization by clicking Disable.

The Metadata backups tab displays a list of organizations with backups

To access the backed-up metadata for a particular organization, click View backup history for that organization and download the metadata for the dates you’re interested in.

The list of backups for a particular organization


Protecting and backing up valuable metadata should be a key consideration when developing with Salesforce and running your business. Mistakes can easily happen, but with the right processes in place, their impact can be significantly reduced and the changes reverted to get everything back to normal quickly. Gearset Deploy will soon support a simple and automatic backup of your Salesforce metadata – yet another way to create a robust Salesforce development process for your business.

We’re planning to release the metadata backup feature in late August. Visit our feedback forum to add your comments and suggestions, or drop us an email at [email protected] and give us your thoughts!

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