Webinar: Using Change Sets or Ant? Simplify your releases with Gearset

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Salesforce is an incredibly powerful and fast-growing platform. By pioneering the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, it has enabled thousands of businesses to improve their operational efficiency and grow their sales.

Adopting a company-wide platform is not without its challenges. Managing change and avoiding conflict in a system where end users, as well as development teams, are encouraged to edit the production environment requires a planned approach and effective information management. That's where Gearset can help.

In this webinar, we’ll be sharing our insider tips on why you should consider moving away from Change Sets or ANT to run your deployments, how to avoid the common pain points, and the steps to move towards an automated continuous integration release model. We'll also demonstrate how Gearset, our Clone Inbound Change Set feature, and our new test runner, can simplify your releases.

This webinar was broadcast on 9th March 2016.