Webinar: Salesforce testing best practices

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Salesforce allows us to build apps that drive every part of our organization, from CRM and sales through to HR and service desk. Having responsibility for these critical apps means it’s important that we're able to make changes to our code with confidence. Great tests that protect us as we develop give us that confidence.

Writing tests that get you the magic 75% is easy, but writing great tests that help protect you as you work is a real skill. In this webinar we’ll cover testing best practices and give practical tips you can use to ensure your tests actually help you and don’t rot into a maintenance headache.

Gearset now includes a completely free Salesforce test automation feature that can help ensure you are always aware of the status of your tests.

Check out our blog post to see how it works and how easy it is to get started: https://gearset.com/blog/implementing-salesforce-testing-best-practice-with-gearset

Visit http://gearset.com to sign up and start automating your own Salesforce unit tests for free.