Webinar: Delivering world-class Salesforce release management — Gearset and Vertiba

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Great release management means different things to different people — the nuances of each company mean no two implementations are the same. So how do you ensure you're delivering a great user experience? And how do you identify what great looks like for your business?

Gearset teamed up with Vertiba, the top-rated Salesforce implementation partner on the AppExchange, to explain how they leverage Gearset to deliver even more value to their clients and make release management ingeniously simple. Implementation partners, with their consolidated experience across hundreds of projects and clients, have the knowledge and tools to deliver world-class solutions tailored to your business. By combining their experience with the right tools for the job, implementation partners can remove many of the troublesome blockers and enable you to focus on what’s important to your users. Catch up on this webinar with Kevin Boyle (CEO, Gearset), Jason Mann (Head of Operations, Gearset), Chad Kelly (Director of Technical Architecture, Vertiba), and Jeremy Case (Solution Architect, Vertiba), as they discuss the challenges faced when approaching clients and how best to solve them.

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Gearset partners: https://gearset.com/partners/