How to Prevent Salesforce Project Failures: Effective Communication Strategies #salesforce #devops

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Rob Cowell is a DevOps advocate, Salesforce architect, and published author. Rob’s Salesforce career has spanned 13 years. He’s recently shared his knowledge and dedicated expertise in DevOps with the world via his new book, 'Salesforce DevOps for Architects'.

In this episode, Rob shares with Jack his experience and background as a Salesforce developer and architect, and how that has shaped his career. Rob’s deep understanding of development best practices and agile methodology encompasses this conversation, as he shares what it means to be an architect on the Salesforce platform, and how anyone can get there with the right mindset.

Rob dives into how we can better engage with senior-level stakeholders, how to work effectively across all types of roles, and what he’s learnt by being a regular contributor in the Salesforce community. Stay tuned to the end to hear the best pearls of wisdom from a DevOps expert, and where you can get your hands on some great Salesforce merch for even better causes.

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