Episode 032 — Nathen Harvey: Using DORA to measure your team performance with confidence!

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Nathen Harvey is Developer Advocate and the lead for DORA at Google Cloud, their DevOps Research and Assessment unit. For ten years, Nathen has spearheaded tech communities and authored several reports that now form the industry standard for measuring DevOps performance. He was once a CRM system administrator, too — so he knows his stuff and the challenges we all face!

Nathen joins Jack on the DevOps Diaries podcast to discuss all things metrics. In an enticing and insightful conversation, Nathen shares with us how the DORA metrics came to be, what they are, and why measuring performance is important for all teams to drive their businesses in the right direction.

Nathen also shares with us some of the common pitfalls of metrics, including Goodhart's Law, and what we can do to avoid them. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to measuring performance, or how to improve, then this is the episode for you.

Nathen and Jack also discuss the wider market trends and how engineering teams can up their game using the SPACE framework.

Learn more:

- DORA 2023 report: https://grst.co/4aF0Edx

- The State of Salesforce DevOps 2024 report: https://grst.co/3Kn9MZA

- The common pitfalls when measuring performance: https://grst.co/4bYWr5s

- How to align metrics with business performance: https://grst.co/4dZiCKC

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