The faster, smarter data loader for Salesforce

Use Gearset’s data loader to create new environments, seed sandboxes with realistic records, replicate issues from other environments and even migrate configuration records for managed packages like CPQ. Instead of running multiple exports and wrestling with CSVs and record IDs, let Gearset handle the complexity for you.

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Deploy data with ease
  • Build your perfect test dataset and migrate it to any environment.
  • Mask your data by anonymizing it with random strings to obfuscate sensitive records.
  • Preserve object relationships with smart data mapping and automated relationship handling.

Salesforce data loader vs Gearset


Data masking

For complete security, select sensitive data you want to mask before deploying.


Full data deployment history

View and download a complete audit trail of your past deployments, for complete visibility over when and why deployments were made.


Deploy records across multiple objects while preserving relationships

Deploy data for multiple objects in a single run while automatically preserving parent-child relationships.


Quickly move records between orgs

Create your perfect test dataset and migrate it to any environment.


Automatic field selection during deployments

Reduce the risk of deployment failure by automatically detecting and deploying fields that exist in both source and target orgs - only deploying data that works.


Custom data deployment templates

Create deployment templates to make migrating similar packages even easier next time.


Deploy complex hierarchies of data

Deploy entire hierarchies of data, including configuration data such as CPQ, with a tool that understands your metadata structure.


Use multiple fields to find records to update

Cross-reference multiple fields in source and target orgs to see if records match and need updating.


Upsert records

Upsert data into your target orgs, inserting new records and updating existing records, without duplication.


Use custom filters to configure your dataset

Filter by field and value, to find the exact records you need.


A data loader that just works

Realistic data is extremely useful for testing, but not if it takes you hours to configure and countless failed deployments to get it right. Gearset customers love how the data loader deploys complex hierarchies of records in just a few moments, making it painless to build out new Salesforce environments.

We’ve just upgraded to the data tool. It makes dev sandboxes really powerful and relevant! Our developers can work with realistic data - rather than make up their own.

Will Roberts | Delivery Manager | Color Consultancy

All the tools you need for a complete DevOps solution

The data loader is just one of Gearset’s complete range of tools designed to help you release faster and more reliably. As the most comprehensive DevOps solution for Salesforce, Gearset offers a range of powerful features including metadata deployments, org monitoring, continuous integration and whole org backup.

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