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Seamless collaboration for agile development teams

Reduce conflict and promote communication for faster, more effective release management

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Improve team collaboration and reduce conflict by giving your team complete visibility into their Salesforce environments.

Create your own release team

Invite and manage team members to make sure everyone who is needed can take part in your release process.

Delegated org access

Set permission levels to team members to control who can make changes to your metadata and who has access to your team's orgs.

Shared deployment and automated jobs history

View what changes have been made to your Salesforce orgs, as well as who made them. See your team's automated unit testing outcomes and results of change monitoring jobs.

Build draft deployments and validate deployment packages

Collaborate on building your deployments, share draft deployments and enable release managers to prevent changes being made to your most important Salesforce orgs.

Shared team metadata filters, notifications and simplified workflows ensure better team collaboration and better releases.

Custom notifications

Team notifications of all deployment and automation activity, and integrated support for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Chatter.

Shared custom filters

Choose which metadata types to deploy with custom filters that can be created and shared with your team.

Schedule your deployments

Coordinate with your team to deploy at exactly the right time - no matter which time zone you're in.

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