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$0/Gearset user/month

Free automated unit testing, notifications, debugging, and code coverage tracking.

  • Daily unit test execution
  • Test failure debugging
  • Code coverage tracking
  • Test status reporting and notifications
  • Nothing to install in your orgs

$150/Gearset user/month

Ingeniously simple release management for Salesforce admins and developers.

  • Org comparison and change highlighting
  • Advanced dependency analysis
  • Easily deploy profiles and permissions
  • Full deployment history
  • Integration with version control

$300/Gearset user/month

All of the features of Pro, plus automation, rollback, monitoring, snapshots, and team collaboration.

  • Full and partial deployment rollback
  • Continuous integration
  • Team collaboration and user roles
  • Org snapshots and change tracking
  • Metadata backups

You will be automatically switched to our free tier after the 30 day trial.

Pricing plans

We firmly believe in keeping our pricing simple for our customers.

For each end user of Gearset, we charge a flat fee per month, enabling you to add as many of your Salesforce orgs as you need. There's no need to worry about variable costs based on your usage. It's really that simple.

User licensing
Priced per user of Gearset User based pricing
Our pricing is based on the number of people who use Gearset, not the number in your Salesforce org. If you manage a 5,000 person org by yourself, you’ll only need one Gearset license.
Monthly or yearly subscriptions with no lock-in
Predictable pricing with no hidden fees or usage limitations
Nothing to install in your orgs
Technical support from our in-house team
Supported orgs and version control systems
Developer, sandbox, and production orgs
Salesforce DX scratch org support Salesforce DX scratch org support
Create scratch orgs in Gearset and compare against any org or to your version control system.
My Domain, Government cloud and Professional edition orgs
Connect to any git-based version control system, including on-premise
Full support for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, VSTS Git, and AWS CodeCommit
Comparison features
Compare Salesforce orgs and see the configuration differences Compare any orgs
Compare any two Salesforce orgs and see differences in the metadata with automatic change highlighting.
Compare differences from source control systems or local files
Customize which metadata types to compare Customized metadata comparisons
Compare everything between your environments or choose to only compare a subset for faster comparisons.
Highlighted line-by-line object differences between your orgs
Tabular comparison of profiles, permissions, and value sets
Syntax highlighting for Apex code
Deployment features
Deploy changes made by managed packages
Create deployment packages with "click not code" philosophy
Deploy new, updated, and deleted items
Auto-rollback on failed deployments
Advanced metadata dependency analysis for more successful deployments
Deployment package validation
Access a complete history of deployments
Detailed deployment reports and activity trail
Save draft deployments Build deployments in stages
Drafts let you save your selections and the comparison results. You can return at a later date to finish the package creation.
Roll back deployments Full and partial rollback
View and select components to roll back from your deployment history
Source control integration
Select repositories and branches as the source or target of deployments
Commit changes from orgs to source control with a few clicks
Push changes from source control to Salesforce orgs
Create new branches within Gearset
Trigger deployments from a commit to a branch
Automation features
Schedule automated deployments
Clone inbound deployment packages Create outbound packages
Reuse an inbound deployment package to quickly promote changes through your org release pipeline.
Create continuous integration jobs
Automatically commit changes from orgs to version control
Org metadata backups Back up metadata on-demand
Take daily org snapshots, create backups on-demand, and download the ZIP files for offline storage.
Salesforce organization monitoring
Automated unit testing and reports Available on our FREE tier
Create automated unit testing jobs, receive regular status reports, and track code coverage.
Code coverage tracking Available on our FREE tier
Create automated unit testing jobs, receive regular status reports, and track code coverage.
Track all changes to your Salesforce org metadata
Automated & on-demand org snapshots
Compare daily snapshots for differences
View and audit full org change history
Notifications when your orgs change
Roll back any detected changes to your metadata
Deploy detected changes to other orgs or source control systems
Static code analysis Static code analysis
Automated analysis on apex code in your orgs to identify bad programming habits and inefficient code.
Issue tracking
JIRA support
Team and user features
Create teams of users
Self-service license management within teams
Shared team comparison and deployment history
Collaborative package creation and deployment
User roles and permissions to meet your compliance requirements
Delegate org access within teams
Connect safely and securely with OAuth authentication
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Hosted in industry-leading AWS datacentres
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Pricing FAQs

What features can I use in the trial?

The trial gives you full access to all of the features of Gearset Enterprise. There are no restrictions on usage during the free 30 day trial. You can compare, deploy and monitor as many of your Salesforce organizations as you wish. Try it now >

I only want the free test automation - how do I get it?

Just sign up for a trial! When you first sign up for Gearset, you'll get a 30-day trial of Gearset Enterprise. Once your trial expires, you'll automatically be moved onto the free tier.

What happens when my trial expires?

Once your trial period expires, you'll automatically move onto our free tier. Your previous deployment history will remain accessible for you to download, and we won’t delete your saved org information. To continue using all the features of Gearset, purchase a Pro or Enterprise plan, or contact [email protected] for more information.

Do I need to enter credit card details to use the free trial?

No. You can try Gearset absolutely free for 30 days, without entering any payment information. Gearset doesn't install any packages into your orgs so it doesn't leave a footprint. Simply log in securely using a Salesforce account or with Google credentials to start using Gearset. Try it now >

Do I need one license per Salesforce user?

Our pricing is based on the number of people who use Gearset, not the number in your Salesforce org. If you manage a 5,000 person org by yourself, you’ll only need one Gearset license.

Can I pay annually rather than monthly?

Absolutely! You can select your payment plan when completing the secure checkout in the app. To discuss alternative billing options, please contact the team at [email protected].

Which tier is best for me – free, Pro or Enterprise?

Our free tier is the easiest way to automate your org unit tests. No more manual jobs, no more forgotten test failures. With Gearset, you can automate org unit testing, get regular notification of testing status, and view full test details alongside code coverage tracking. Best of all, it's totally free!

Gearset Pro is perfect for small development teams and individual developers who need to understand and manage orgs without needing automation, advanced org monitoring, or team collaboration. It allows you to quickly compare and synchronize orgs, perform selective deployments, sync with source control, and view a full deployment history.

Gearset Enterprise is designed for larger teams or Salesforce consultants where a greater degree of automation and control is required. Schedule deployments, metadata backups & snapshots, perform deployment rollback and package cloning, view a full audit trail of changes made to your orgs, create continuous integration jobs, and work more effectively in teams with shared activity and user roles and permissions.

Can I upgrade to another tier?

Of course! Please contact [email protected] and we’ll get everything sorted for you. You can easily upgrade from free to Pro or Enterprise at any time.

Our money back guarantee

We want you to enjoy using Gearset as much as we enjoy making it. If you’re unhappy with Gearset at any time for up to 60 days after purchasing, we offer a full refund.

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