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Episode 028 — Joy Shutters-Helbing: Parenting and Salesforce consulting aren’t all that different!

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Joy Shutters-Helbing is a Senior Manager at CapTech Consulting. She is also a wonderful mom! In this episode Jack and Joy consider where life and work intersect and how the skills we develop in our personal lives are applied to our profession.

If you like analogies then this is the episode for you. Hot Wheels, Lego, cars, rocket ships, and flying carrots all have their place here! Filled with laughter from the start, Jack and Joy discuss the bigger picture.

Nothing is off limits. Joy speaks to her experience with the Salesforce platform and how that’s tied back to what she’s learnt as a parent. She discusses everything from user management, to stakeholder relationships, to the continually changing capabilities of Salesforce. Joy also shares the importance of the Salesforce and Chicago community, and how it’s played a big part in her success.

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