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Episode 026 — Jeremy Foster: My DevOps journey. Always be learning!

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Jeremy Foster is a software engineer by trade, and now Manager of Salesforce Development at Pilot Company. Jeremy and his team have been on a DevOps transformation for 5 years, and he’s joined Jack on DevOps Diaries to tell us about the journey.

Jeremy articulately weaves through his own personal journey, and that of his team. Jeremy’s motto is “always be learning”, whoever you are, and that shines through in this episode.

Jack and Jeremy discuss the transition from change sets, adopting bespoke DevOps tooling to help streamline their process. From there, he tells the tale of adopting version control and CI practices that have transitioned into full development pipelines, and how Salesforce community events play a pivotal role in learning.

Pilot work closely with a number of system integrators. Jeremy also explores what it takes to work effectively with Salesforce consulting teams, and how to get the most out of your working relationships with them.

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