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Episode 024 — Eric Dreshfield: Founding the first Dreamin’, success without certifications, and Kevin Bacon!

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Eric Dreshfield is a veteran of the Salesforce sphere. Spanning 15 years, Eric has held a number of roles across organizations that have shaped him into one of the most thoughtful, engaging personalities you’ll find when you’re out and about in the Salesforce ecosystem. The work that he does has transcended the community, and he is credited with founding the first “Dreamin’” Salesforce event.

In this episode, Eric talks to Jack about the origins of Salesforce community conferences, and why they’re so important for the ecosystem as a whole, as well as for every single individual, regardless of role. They chat about how to get the most out of attending a professional conference, and what you need to know heading in so you’re in safe hands (which you always are at a “dreamin’” event!).

Jack and Eric also talk about the importance of advocacy, how to leverage your personal brand to build your career, and how simple it is to get started once we remove expectations. This episode really is a testament to humble beginnings and what might grow with a little bit of time, initiative, and passion!

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