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Episode 023 — Luke Harris: “There is direct correlation between the most successful organizations and those that invest in education for their teams”

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Luke is a global Customer Success leader and current VP Customer Success at Gearset. Luke started his career as a Salesforce Admin and has become obsessed with providing amazing experiences for customers through education, strategy, and technology. He has held positions with major SaaS companies and has played a pivotal role in scaling start-up businesses and guiding strategy post-acquisition.

In this episode, Jack and Luke discuss what customer success teams need to be successful, and in turn make customers successful. This episode is a deep dive and a great resource for understanding why companies bring in technology to support their operations, and wonderful insight for Salesforce professionals into how their work on the platform impacts business success.

Luke also chats about the importance of education within teams, especially how iterative on-the-job learning enables success. He identifies what leaders can do to get the most of their teams to encourage learning and self development. Luke shares real-life examples of Salesforce teams that he’s worked with and the compounding benefit education, being consciously curious, and showing vulnerability as a leader has had on their businesses.

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