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Episode 021 — Meri Williams: A CTO’s advice on teams, culture, and becoming an empowering leader

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Meri Williams is the CTO of Pleo, and ex-CTO of influential challenger bank, Monzo. Meri has held technical leadership roles for the last 10 years, and over that time has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build high-performing teams with a foundation of exceptional culture. She is also the Chair and Host of The Lead Developer conference — a conference for technical leadership centred around “Team, Tech, and Tools”.

In this fantastic episode, Jack and Meri take a look at the nuances of culture and leadership. Meri gives her take on how you know you’re ready for that next step in your career as a people leader, or not, as the case may be... They also discuss the importance of reframing the feeling that doing great work only means more work to your detriment.

Meri is also a DEI leader, and has spent time understanding what’s important in creating an accepting, inclusive environment to work. It hinges on three things that you should consider as an employee or prospective employee in your organisation. Tune in to hear what they are!

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